Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep (Komplett) (Sehr gut) Sega Mega CD
Castle Skullkeep Awaits... Immerse yourself in the most extensive 3D adventure everpressed on a Sega CD! Within the expansive grounds of Castle Skullkeep, the pieces of the Zo Link are hidden. The Zo Link was built by TechMages to explore alternative dimensions. You and a hand-picked party must stop evil forces from acquiring his powerful technology in an RPG journey with a depth you've never experienced - but always craved! The most extensive RPG for the Sega CD. Hundreds of puzzles to solve, hours of entertainment! Assemble a four-member party from a gallery of the most outrageous adventures ever devised. Hundreds of indoor and outdoor scenes - an entire fantasy universe! Realistic gameplay encompasses in-depth strategy and lightning-fast reflexes. Unerthly sound effects and digitized voices.

89,90 €*