N64 Dark Rift (Modul) (Sehr gut) Nintendo 64
More Fight! More Often! Dark Rift delivers hyper-active 3-D fighting with a sci-fi theme. Compete against 8 exotic and powerful characters and 2 very large bosses. Motion caputred character animations enhance the realism. The arsenal includes multiple hit combos, back-crunching grabs, juggles, projectiles, and punishing special moves. Tune into individual chracter stereo sound tracking. Dark Rift's ultra high frame rate ensures fast animations. Fight in Tournament, 2-player or Training modes.

10,90 €*
N64 Fighters Destiny (Modul) (Sehr gut) Nintendo 64
Defeat the Master of the Fight in a head-on bout of power and skill. Fighters Destiny demands everything you have, everything you are and throws it right back at you in truly amazing, unstopable 3D action. Prepare to fight every step of the way as you master the moves and unlock the secrets to fulfil your ultimate destiny...

15,90 €*
N64 Forsaken (Modul) (Gut) Nintendo 64
The Ultimate 360° Death Match An experiment gone wrong ripped away the earth's atmosphere. Bathed in the searching radiation of the sun, the planet has been condemned. You are among the FORSAKEN few who invade the now abandoned settlements to collect what little fortune was left behind. Advanced Particle Technology: Rolling boulders, Falling ceilings, Sucking Turbine Fans, Giant piercing spikes. And more. 25 Obliterating Weapons: Heal-seeking camera-mounted missiles, Flame-spewing, petro-gel rifles. Subversive bouncing mines. And more. Furious Multi-Player-Combat: With 4-player split screen. 360° of absolute Control: In any direction... for the ultimate 3D deathmatch.

8,90 €*
N64 Hybrid Heaven (Komplett) (Gebrauchsspuren) Nintendo 64
Terror unter den Strassen!  Entdecken Sie New Yorks geheimes Nachtleben in Hydrid Heaven, einem einzigartigen Action-Rollenspiel, das Kampf, Action und Rollenspiele zu einer Geschichte über wissenschaftliches Experimentieren und Mord an außerirdischen Invasionen kombiniert. Lüfte die Geheimnisse der hybriden Gesellschaft, die Zukunft der Menschheit und die wahre Identität deiner selbst.

36,90 €*
N64 International Superstar Soccer 64 (Modul) (Gut) Nintendo 64
Hier kommt die wahrscheinlich beste Fußballaction, die je auf einer Konsole gesichtet wurde. 36 Nationalmannschaften mit wiedererkennbaren Stars. Fantastische Spielgraphik, mit über 18.000 unterschiedlichen Animationsphasen, die, dank Motion-Capture-Technik, nahezu jede erdenkliche Spielerbewegung zulassen. Gestalten Sie Ihre eigenen Spieler, nutzen Sie die praktisch unbegrenzte Vielfalt an taktischen und strategischen Optionen und lassen Sie sich vom authentischen Kommentar des Reporters mitreißen. International Superstar Soccer 64, die ultimative Fußballsimulation.

7,90 €*
N64 International Track & Field: Summer Games (ohne Anleitung) (Gut) Nintendo 64
Pure adrenaline Go for gold with the only Track and Field title for Nintendo 64! Lightning-fast gameplay for up to 4 players. Over a dozen grueling international events, from weightlifting, to gymnastics, to the 100M dash.

38,90 €*
N64 War Gods (Import) (Modul) (Sehr gut) Nintendo 64
Has begun!Billion of years ago, a Being from a distant galaxy was transporting a precious cargo of life giving Ore. The turbulent formation of our solar system caused his ship to crash, scattering Ore over the molten surface of Planet Earth. Through the millennia, Ten Humans came into contact with the Ore and were transformed into super-evolved warriors. These are the WarGods. True 3D environments and movement with the ability to fight and operate weapons in 3 dimensions. Brutal 3D fatalities, deadly 10-hit combos, and lethal weapons combinations. 10 selectable characters, plus 2 hidden bosses with unique Spells of Containment and Counter Measures. Spectacular animation with CD quality music and sound effects. Hidden codes and secrets waiting to be discovered.

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