N64 War Gods (Import) (Modul) (Sehr gut) Nintendo 64

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Produktnummer: N64PAL-225-MOD-SG
Produktinformationen "N64 War Gods (Import) (Modul) (Sehr gut) Nintendo 64"
Has begun!
Billion of years ago, a Being from a distant galaxy was transporting a precious cargo of life giving Ore. The turbulent formation of our solar system caused his ship to crash, scattering Ore over the molten surface of Planet Earth. Through the millennia, Ten Humans came into contact with the Ore and were transformed into super-evolved warriors. These are the WarGods.

  • True 3D environments and movement with the ability to fight and operate weapons in 3 dimensions.
  • Brutal 3D fatalities, deadly 10-hit combos, and lethal weapons combinations.
  • 10 selectable characters, plus 2 hidden bosses with unique Spells of Containment and Counter Measures.
  • Spectacular animation with CD quality music and sound effects.
  • Hidden codes and secrets waiting to be discovered.
Plattform: Nintendo 64
Region: IMPORT NTSC (USA), benötigt eine US-Konsole oder Region-modding
Variante: Modul (lose)
Artikelzustand: Sehr guter Zustand, minimale Gebrauchsspuren
Altersfreigabe: USK Unbekannt / Nicht Geprüft
Spieleranzahl: Singleplayer, Multiplayer (Lokal)
Sprache: Englisch
Version: Erstauflage

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