GB Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles II: Back From the Sewers (Modul) (Gut) Nintendo Game Boy

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Produktinformationen "GB Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles II: Back From the Sewers (Modul) (Gut) Nintendo Game Boy"

Stop shredder from zapping the world famous sewer stars into pet store pebble pushers!

Shredder's got his criminal mind back in the gutter and has joined forces with fellow hero hater Krang to pulverize the pizza freaks once and for all. They've shanghaied newswoman of the nineties April O'Neil as a decoy, so the boys from below must rescue her, without losing their shells. 

  • Two megs memory pumps up the graphics and brings you major screenage with all new ways to make chop suey out of Shredder's goons when you walk, jump, fight, climb and skateboard circles around them. 
  • Choose you favorite turtle before slicing it up in six death defying levels through downtown sewers, abandoned buildings, subways, highways, the Technodrome and more. 
  • Pizza pounding bonus rounds are you reward for bagging a barrage of nasty villains, like the Corrupt Cops, who'll try to bust you in the name of the outlaw Krang. 
  • Rescue levels give you the chance to spring your imprisoned pals. 
  • The difficulty level is up to you, so you decide just how uneasy it is being green. Put on your best ninja mask and start brawling for your life!
Plattform: Nintendo Game Boy
Region: PAL (USK) kann auf allen Europäischen Geräten abgespielt werden
Variante: Modul (lose)
Artikelzustand: Guter Zustand, leichte Gebrauchsspuren
Altersfreigabe: USK Unbekannt / Nicht Geprüft
Spieleranzahl: Singleplayer
Sprache: Unbekannt (Deutsch oder Englisch)
Version: Erstauflage

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